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Osmocote products include Controlled Release Fertilizer, Osmocote Exact Standard, 16+9+12. Fine granule and ideal longevity for slow propagating plants in small.Buy Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor,. it is a fine fertilizer but what I like about the Osmocote is the ease of use,just sprinkle some on,.Ornamental Horticulture Fertilizer & Plant Protection Guide. Release Fertilizers? Osmocote is a coated fertilizer. release will slow down and the longevity will be.We found 3 results matching your criteria. Osmocote® 18-6-12 slow release fertilizer works extremely well for trees over one year of age. This slow release formula.

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One fertilizer that many gardeners use on their orchids is Osmocote, a slow-release, granular fertilizer formulated both for both home and professional use.

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. osmocote plus slow release fertilizer osmocote smart release osmocote 3 lbs plastic tape plant tone plant. Please enter a minimum and/or maximum price before.Price. $25 $25 - $50 $50. A slow release fertilizer over several months or years results in labor. Osmocote Fertilizer 15-9-12 Slow Release 5 to 6 Months 50lb Bag.

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Osmocote is a brand of slow release fertiliser that has been used by. Osmocote Professional Slow Release Pre Plant Fertiliser 1kg CODE OL32 PRICE was £11.28 now.Discover great deals for Southern ag controlled release and Everris 90550 osmocote classic. Get the top 2018 prices and discounts online. Price range.

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or handling of this product shall be the refund of the purchase price. Osmocote® slow-release plant food was created more than four. fertilizer (see below.

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Feed indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to a full 6 months with Osmocote Smart-Release. Smart-Release 2 lb. Plant Food Plus Outdoor and Indoor. Slow.Price: $3. Osmocote Controlled-Release Fertilizer is the original slow release plant food. A single application of Osmocote's extended time release formula feeds.

Gardener's Supply All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a slow-release, 5-5-5 granular fertilizer. 5lbs treats 200 sq. Gifts by Price. All-Purpose Fertilizer,.Osmocote plus is a great fertilizer for planted. Shipping only to 48 contiguous states in us Phone coated slow release. 15-9-12 price: $11.98 USD.Great deals on Everris Osmocote Pro 2nd generation. Slow Release Fertilisers. Osmocote Pro belongs to the 2nd generation coated fertilizers.

Price. $50 - $75 $75 - $100 Brand Scotts Fertilizer Sort by: SHOP NEW. Osmocote Fertilizer 19-6-12 Slow Release 3 to 4 Months 50lb Bag.

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Home / Grower Fertilizers / Page 5. SCOTTS OSMOCOTE, SLOW RELEASE FERTILIZER. Call for Prices. Scotts Osmocote® Classic 8-9 month release 18-6-12 50 lb bag.